Esox Republic
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What's an Esox?

Esox Lucius is the Latin name given to the fish commonly known as "Northern Pike" in North America. This fish is also found in northern Europe and northern Asia.

picture of juvenile northern pike
Juvenile northern pike (esox lucius). Ain't she pretty?

Why "Esox"?

I like green, I like fish, and it's a big green fish. It started as a joke with my best fishing buddy, sort of a play on "Banana Republic". It's not really supposed to make sense, but we also live in a world with "Red Herring" and "Razorfish" (are they still around?).

Who is Esox Republic?

Mostly just me, Roland Schwarz.  Some may know me from and Google as "TheTick".  I have some friends who will be helping with marketing and web design.

I started this because I love working with SolidWorks API (just in VB so far).  I have written some things that others have found useful, so I wish to bring them to the world.  Along with hawking a few cheap-to-free programs, I like to share what I have learned with others.

Technical difficulties? Trouble downloading?
Reports from some users show that the download connection gets cut off and some people are unable to fully download files. If that is the case, please contact Esox Republic customer service via the email link below. If necessary, we can email any requested files to you.

Customer service mail link
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