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Ghosts of Configurations Past

Posted in Software by Administrator on the August 20th, 2008

Sometimes I’m more entymologist than engineer. I’m always discovering new bugs.

I’m working with a layout sketch (SW 2007 SP 4) that functions as a schematic for a lift mechanism. There are multiple configurations for different phases of the lift.

There was one dimension for a line length that changed between configurations, with both driven/driving states and length changing at different phases of the lift sequence. Recently, we changed this dimension to be a single driving value for all configurations.

We also deleted some old configs and added some new ones. That’s when the fun started. The dimension was set to 6.670 for all configs. Every time a new config is created, the dimension reverts to its old value (6.668) and becomes config-specific for the new config. Seems the “All configurations” setting for the value isn’t sticking when new configs are created, and SW is somehow remembering what the old value was and applying that to the new config!

Upcoming topics

  • Adding “Save” and “Open” dialogs to SW macros
  • Intro to SW object events
  • How to swap and copy components as they load
  • Sketch-based 4-bar linkage design
  • Photos of wind farm construction near Fond du Lac, WI

Vacation and Hingham Carp Derby

I took a week off. Couldn’t afford to go anywhere, w/ gas prices and expenses from recent family addition. I did manage to golf 9 holes per day and introduced myself and my fly rod to a multitude of smallouth bass in the Sheboygan River.

Aug.2 was the Hingham Pond Carp Derby, and annual event in my adopted hometown. I worked as a volunteer, shuttling for ice and setting up tables. I did take the time to take a picture.

Falco w/ carp derby runner-up
Falco, age 2 weeks, poses with carp derby runner-up.

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  1. Matt Lombard said,

    on August 22nd, 2008 at 1:54 am

    That’s a great picture! Love it!

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