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R.I.P. AllAPI.net

Posted in API, Uncategorized by Administrator on the August 28th, 2008

I was gearing up for a set of articles on using Windows API in macros. I was going to lead off with a brief article about one of my favorite resources, AllAPI.net. Unfortunately, that article has turned into an obituary.

For years, AllAPI.net was my first stop for Windows API help. I first discovered it in 2003. Already, the site had been relegated to archive status, available but no longer updated. Still, it was an indispensible resource for adding Windows API functions to code.

I’m verklempt. I’m lost. I don’t know where to go, now. If anyone has links to good online Windows API examples, I would appreciate a heads-up!

Windows API to extend macro functionality

Often, questions come up about adding certain functions to a SolidWorks macro. File open/save and folder browsing are the most popular. Since the dialog objects for these tasks are not licensed to VBA, one must take a backdoor approach via Windows API. I also use Windows API for Windows file security, registry functions, and opening documents.

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