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Word of the Day: “Concinnity”

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the November 6th, 2008

Got this in one of my daily Arcamax word-of-the-day emails…

concinnity \kuhn-SIN-uh-tee\ (noun) – 1 : Internal harmony or fitness in the adaptation of parts to a whole or to each other. 2 : Studied elegance of design or arrangement — used chiefly of literary style. 3 : An instance of concinnity.

Concinnity comes from Latin concinnitas, “elegance; harmony of style,” from concinnus, “well put together; pleasing, on account of harmony and proportion.”

SW Simulation (”COSMOS”) WI-IL user Group meeting

Went to the WI-IL SW Simulation user group meeting yesterday. Worth the trip. Details to follow.