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Blank Datums macro link updated to get latest version

Posted in Uncategorized by Administrator on the May 6th, 2010

Some time ago, I had made minor adjustments to my “Blank Datums” macro.  The adjustments were to prevent crashing on later versions of SolidWorks.

The update has been out for some time, but I failed to update the link on the download page, so users still only had access to the old version 2.0.

The link has been updated.  If you have trouble, make sure you are running “BlankDatums2a.swp”, available for download at http://www.esoxrepublic.com/freeware/

Esox “Copy Custom Info” revived and updated guts

Posted in API, Esox Software, Software by Administrator on the May 1st, 2010

You just never know how popular some things are until they break.  This apparently is true for my “Copy Custom Info” macro.  The macro seems to have stopped working for many SW 2010 users.

The macro is ancient, by API standards.  It is one of my first published macros, and was written in SW2003.  Judging by the code, I wrote it before I was aware of early binding.  Also, SW’s API has come a long way and there were many ways to streamline the code.

I was able to do away with much embarrassing sophomoric hacksmanship. Glad to get that behind me.  Most notable improvement is that the program no longer needs to make duplicates of the files it is copying from (do not judge, I had my reasons!).  Assemblies and drawings selected for copying will open much faster.

The interface is about the same.  The only visible improvement will be in the preview windows.  There will be some indication that this is the SW2009 version.

The program will be posted on EsoxRepublic.com in the coming week.  Notices to be placed in popular forums that your less-popular author frequents.