"Where Used" application (.exe) for SolidWorks file size: bytes

This stand-alone application performs a where-used search for a SolidWorks file. Where-used scope is a user-defined list of folders. User can select options for type of files and types of references that are searched for.

The advantage to this program is that it is more thorough than the where-used search performed by SW Explorer. SW Explorer relies on Windows Indexing, which is not dependable, especially on network folders. Also, SW Explorer does not allow one to tailor the search locations.

The program is significantly slower than SW Explorer. This is because the program relies on SW API's "Document Manager" object to perform the search. The program checks each file in each folder, while SW Explorer relies on a list provided by Windows Indexing.

The program is a stand-alone ".exe" file. SolidWorks requires that SW Document Manager-driven programs not be open-source. This is part of the license agreement for the SW Document Manager license key. Thus, we must publish this program as an ".exe" and not as a macro.

Screenshot of interface:

Annotated screen shot of interface.

Screenshot of results:

Screen shot of search results.

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