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New Version!

Copy Custom Info 2009

Updated version of "Copy Custom Info". Pretty much the same on the outside. Image preview slightly improved. Internal workings revamped for post-2009 compatibility and faster and cleaner file access. Also got rid of a lot of rookie programmer code that was crude and slow, no better than that of a clumsy child. [click here]


Copy BOM to Clipboard

Copies a table-style BOM to the clipboard, where it can be pasted into applications such as MS Excel.[click here]


Where-Used Search Tool

A stand-alone application for performing custom where-used searches. Customize reference types and file types searched. More dependable results than SW Explorer.[click here]

Search Path Toolbar addin

Toolbar for quick access to search paths. Quick toggle to temporarily deactivate search paths. Search path builder that loads and saves settings and also can quickly incorporate subfolders.[click here]


Blank Datums macro

Blanks all datum features, sketches, and curves of selected types in a part or assembly. Very useful when working in large assemblies where many components have planes and origins visible.[click here]

Drawing View Tattler addin

Have you ever unknowingly set a drawing view to true dimensions when you needed projected dimensions? This addin monitors new view creation in SW drawings and warns the user if a newly created view is in true dimension mode. [click here]

Delete Custom Info macro

A handy widget I had lying around for deleting custom properties from a SW file. "Nuke" button deletes all properties from all configurations in one swell foop. Posted by request from someone on Eng-Tips. [click here]

Dimension Label Toggle

This subject came up twice in one week on Eng-Tips. Someone wished for this functionality with menu and toolbars. I am granting that wish. [click here]

Mad Mango's Sketch Census Tool

Detailed census of entities in a sketch. Originally a macro by MadMango of Eng-Tips fame, it has been converted to an addin. One click shows an itemized count of sketch segments by type (arc, line, spline, etc.), text, and points. [click here]

Density Manager

Changes density of parts and multiple components in an assembly. Also includes ability to edit density in a variety of units regardless of file setting. Available as addin or macro. Versions compatible back to SW2001. [click here]

Copy Custom Info macro

Copy custom properties from one SW file to another, including read/write configuration-specific properties.
[click here]


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